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Manufacturers and Distributors of Custom Tab and File Products
CI Filing is known for our fast turnaround time and our on-time delivery. As manufacturers of the products we distribute, we have control over your order from start to finish. We process dozens of unique orders a day—without missing a beat. As soon as your order is placed it goes into our production queue, and we start design and production. Our crews work 'round the clock, five days a week, to fulfill our dealers' orders.

We buy the raw materials from leading names in the paper industry then fabricate our tabs and folders to meet the needs of particular business sectors and individual firms. Plus, our enormous warehouse allows us to purchase raw product at the most competitive market prices, which we pass on to our customers.

CI Filing has the specialty equipment needed to create what we sell, such as our Italian-made collating machine—one of only a few worldwide. In fact, we have more die cutting machines for tabs than anyone else in the industry. Our unusual equipment and technical expertise, coupled with our seasoned staff, mean we are able to start manufacturing right away and deliver your order on time, to spec, and within budget.
Need a custom tab or folder you can't find in a catalog? Of course we can get that … we make it right here!
Our Customer Service = Filing Solutions Made Simple
At CI Filing, we know how hard you work to satisfy your customers, and how competitive the market is. You'll find we are strongly committed to helping you fulfill on your promises and keep your own business running efficiently, through our superior customer service.

Our regional sales force is empowered to make commitments on the spot, from the field, so you don't lose any production or delivery time. Our customer service representatives make placing or tracing your order a snap. Even better, because we produce or stock what your customers need, we will guarantee the ship date when you place your order.

Our customer service department serves as our dealers' in-house project managers; they manage and prioritize everyone's orders and follow all those orders for custom index tabs, file folders and filebacks as they move through the well-organized system we've created.

At CI Filing, everyone understands we sell specialty products, and we provide the level of service to go along with them. Worrying about logistics and execution is our business so you and your customers can concentrate on yours.

Fulfillment, Distribution & Warehousing

Why outsource fulfillment? CI Filing Fulfillment will help you:
• Access our expertise • Maintain a competitive edge
• Focus on the core of your business • Enhance revenue
• Maximize resources • Import our external services
• Facilitate changes as they occur in your business  

CI Filing has a full service fulfillment center. Let us help you manage your customers Charts, Tabs, and other products. We have many clients who use our trusted expertise to manage their customer's inventory. With our experience in fulfillment can lower your cost and improve customer staisfaction and retention.

Phone Number: 973-890-2414